Our thanks for being awesome is getting a complete refresh, with a new Loyalty Programme that will allow you to benefit from an array of exclusive and personalised offers, deals and discounts across all our food brands.
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1 Euro = 1 Point

Increase your points when ordering direct through our website.

Multiple Brands

We’re also adding our sister brand Chickeria to our new loyalty programme!

Free Food & More!

Discounts, deals, offers and membership tiers, now also personalised for you!

Trust Us, It Will Be Worth the Wait!

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the best experience possible, we have recently migrated to a new ordering platform. The updated system, which can be accessed on www.tuktuk.com.mt, now also accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay, and offers you a seamless ordering experience from wherever you are.

You might have noticed that at the moment, you are not able to see your TukTuk Loyalty Points. Don’t worry about this, as the system is still being updated to reflect your points and be able to redeem them. The new Loyalty system will enable you to benefit from much more benefits and rewards than before, and stay tuned as we will also be launching a new tiered programme for our most loyal customers!

In the meantime, and until the new Loyalty Programme is live in the coming weeks, your orders will not add up points in your Loyalty Programme. To make up for this, we are giving you a 10% Discount off your bill by adding the code WELCOME10 at checkout.


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