We make the kind of Indian food we like to eat everyday

We’re on a mission to bring this to everyone wanting to eat well on the go.


Our holiday trip to India in 2016 was a feast to our senses; from the vivid colours and artistry of the trucks we would pass along the way and the distinctive sounds of their horns, to the delicious flavours and aromas of the street food, each place we visited offered a unique food experience and this is were our obsession with Indian food all started. While on a Tuk Tuk ride, we decided we want to bring this experience to life in Malta.

“We believe in a different kind of Indian food. The passion that we put into our recipes starts with a commitment to simple and fresh ingredients, grinding our own mix of spices in-house. We wanted to create something different from the traditional curry restaurants and while inspired by the home cooking in India, after months of intensive development we launched TukTuk in 2017 with a kind of Indian food you never knew it existed…. “

Clinton | TukTuk Co-Founder


What started as the co-founders passion for Indian food and flavours is today the result of the collective energy of an entire team that work to bring high quality, fresh Indian flavours to customers across Malta every day.

“Our mission is to ignite people, homes and workspaces with incredible Indian flavours. It really is that simple!”

Nella | TukTuk Co-Founder


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